Early Info

8/27/24 – 8/31/24

What is going on here? Well, in short, a group of PNW riders want to bring a timed rally back to the PNW. Simple enough, right?

A lot of planning has already happened and a lot more still has to be done, but we have at least established the basic parameters and are ready to share planned dates with the riding community.

Where? The rally be hosted out of the Red Lion Hotel – Pasco Airport & Conference Center (2525 N. 20th Ave, Pasco, WA). It is a nice property with an engaged staff and we are excited to operate from the hotel!

Format? We have settled on two rallies – a longer version (4 days) and a shorter version that finishes at the same time (2 days). Here’s the tentative dates for both:

Monday (8/26/24) – 4 day rally checkin, No Host Dinner
Tuesday (8/27/24) – Rider Meeting, 4 day rally starts.
Wednesday (8/28/24) – 2 day rally checkin, No Host Dinner
Thursday (8/29/24) – Rider Meeting, 2 day rally starts
Saturday (8/31/24) – all riders return, hosted finish banquet

Who is running this circus? Three local PNW riders and IBR finishers – Kerri Miller, Tim Allen and Justin Long. We are enlisting the help of other LD community folks along the way.

Entry fees are expected to be $450 (4 Day), $300 (2 Day), and $120 adder for a 2-Up team. We are setting the price now to allow people time to plan. This is a high limit – it can be lower if enough riders sign up. We plan to pass those savings along to the riders before final payment is made. For that reason, we are only requiring a refundable $100 deposit when signing up. The rest will be due prior to the deadline of June 15th, 2024. No refunds will be issued after the cutoff date.

Registration fees will cover logistical costs associated with running the rally, rider swag and the finish meal. Any excess will be donated to a local food bank. We are not in this for a profit and do not expect there to be any meaningful excess money.

Riders will receive points for participating with Spotwalla. We plan to have a public page showing rally progress.

Scoring will essentially happen real-time with emailed bonus submissions. There will be an abbreviated in-person scoring procedure at the finish to verify rider submissions.

Riders will be required to prove insurance equivalent to $500K Combined Single Limit (CSL).

Bonus locations in Canada are expected but will not be mandatory.

We do not plan to intentionally route you on dirt roads. However, blindly following your GPS to the next destination may result in a dirty experience 🙂

The top rider in the 4 day event will receive a no-draw entry into the 2025 Iron Butt Rally. Note – you still have to pay the entry fee, you just don’t have to go through the drawing.

Theme? Ha, ha! Hints will be provided along the way. You may have already seen some and not even realized it. The devious mind of Justin Long is hard at work putting an enjoyable and challenging plan together.

If this sounds like something you might enjoy, please sign up for updates below.

[8/26/23 Update] – Rules! We have been working on our rules document and have a draft version available to review. It is a living document, so more changes are anticipated before it is finalized, but you will get the idea if you take a look.

PNW-GTx Draft Rules

[10/15/23] – We have set the host hotel (see above). Working through the process to open up registration.

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